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                      Manufacturer of nicotine and pyrethroid pesticide intermediates

                      Technological innovation, honesty, high quality, customer first


                      Tendenci Chemical

                      Nantong Tendenci Chemical Co., Ltd.

                      Address:Fine Chemical Industry Park, Rugao Port, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, China. P.C.: 226500
                      URL: www.tendencichem.com  
                      ■  Sales Department
                      Tel: +86-512-83381008 Fax: +86-513-68778951
                      ■  Foreign Trade Department
                      Tel: +86-512-83381007 Mobile: +86-13812979501
                      Fax: +86-513-68778951 E-mail: tanlin@tendencichem.com, carson@tendencichem.com, cherry@tendencichem.com
                      ■  Supply department
                      Tel: +86-512-83381009, +86-513-68778887 Fax: +86-513-68778953
                      Supply Director (Tan Weigang) +86-15152444050 , Tan Xiaozhang +86-13606235753

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