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                      Manufacturer of nicotine and pyrethroid pesticide intermediates

                      Technological innovation, honesty, high quality, customer first


                      Tendenci Chemical

                      To celebrate the company's new website version launched

                      Time: 2020-10-15

                      To celebrate the company's new website version launched!
                      Nantong Tendenci Chemical Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the the development of new products and expand production. At the same time, our company attaches great importance to safety and environmental protection work. We have invested heavily to improve the enterprise's safety and environmental protection measures. Thus make it completely in accordance with national and local laws, rules, regulations and requirements.
                      Nantong Tendenci Chemical Co., Ltd. sticks to the "technology innovation, honesty oriented, quality first, customer top" management idea. We sincerely welcome customers both home and abroad to cooperate and guide!

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